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Dear Linguist,

DP doesn’t always mean Determiner Phrase. It can stand for Display Picture.

CBI need not always be Context Based Instruction. It can stand for Central Bureau of Investigation.

Agreement need not always be between the subject and verb…it can be between people too.

Government need not always be defined as a relation between a head and its complement…it can also be defined as the governing body of a nation.

Sense need not always be defined in relation to reference…it can mean the five senses a human is blessed with.

When somebody talks about a Tree, they are talking about ‘a woody perennial plant’…not a phrase structure diagram.

Boundaries need not always be at the morpheme and word level…it can be at regional and national level too.

Shimmer is not always a fluctuation in amplitude…it’s something women use in a makeover.

Sisters are female siblings, not two nodes directly dominated by a mother node. (Mother can also mean the female parent)

And STRESS is not always ‘the degree of prominence of a syllable, marked by loudness, length and pitch’…it means what I’m going through right now.

Dear Linguist, welcome to the normal world.

With love,

A disillusioned Linguist


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