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Because I’m Not a Lady

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Because I’m not a lady,

I can laugh out loud

whenever my soul brims with joy.

I can cry shamelessly

And wipe my sorrows away.

After all, a wise man has said,

“Ladies must be seen, not heard”.


Because I’m not a lady,

I can choose to be vibrant,

in bright shades of red and green and blue.

I have no compulsions to be “well-dressed”

in dull, unattractive shades of grey and beige.


I can dance in the rain and later

Laugh at the hilarious sight of my damaged hair.

I can enjoy the warmth

of the mellow winter sunshine.

My parched skin can delightfully absorb

the scorching heat of summer.

I won’t be ashamed of the tan,

because I’m not a lady

and my beauty isn’t skin deep.


I’m not a lady,

tied down by rules…suffering humiliations

under the protective blankets

of tradition, good-manners and decorum.

I don’t have to master

the art of hypocrisy,

because I’m not a lady.


I’m a woman, born to be free.

Try to take away my happiness,

I’ll shatter yours.

You can cut off my wings,

my thoughts will soar

to the end of the universe.

You can bruise and cover my mouth,

I can still smile with my eyes.

I don’t have to shape my life

considering your whims and fancies,

Because I’m not a lady…



  1. Oh my! It’s so very beautiful! We women are so bound with social norms… To be free! – something so well described here.
    I really love the way you have put your thoughts together in this poem… Very impressive and so poignant!


  2. The Witch says:

    Thank you. I’m glad you liked it. 🙂


  3. Manu Kurup says:

    This one is very well written and has become one of my favorite from you….


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