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An Ode to the Unplanned Child

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Like a lonely candle

Flickering in the storm,

You stir softly,

In your mother’s womb.

Your mother laughs,

Begs you to let her sleep

And in her dreams,

Lulls you to sleep

With a soft, sad song.

You feel your father’s touch,

Strong yet gentle

Like his voice.

You feel loved.

You stir again

And they feel loved…

The ones who conceived you.


But you don’t know yet,

How it all started.

A missed period,

A pink line, panic,

A few depressing days

Of blaming each other.

You were a solid proof

Of their uncontrollable lust

And may be a night or two

Of careless love-making.

You were “unplanned”!


When they started calling you

The tangible proof of their love,

They knew they can never let you

See the light of the day.

Your father feels guilty,

Your mother seeks your forgiveness.

They would never know

That you would thank them,

For not letting you see

The cruelties of life…the world.

That they have saved you

From grief and heartbreak.

That they have decided

To give you death, long before

You start craving for it,

Like they do…


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