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The Void

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Wise men have convinced me

That the dark holds

No unknown dangers.

If something is to be

Feared and disdained,

It is the light of the day.

It has no unexpected joys

For a starved soul like mine.

Neither does it have the mercy

To let secrets remain untold.

The light finds its joy

In revealing pains and fears,

And the void punctuating

My otherwise well-planned life.

The void which cannot be filled,

Cannot be ignored.

The void which swallows

Everything that tries to fill it.

Love, hatred, peace, desire, lust,

Memories of loving and losing,

And dreams of tranquility.

As long as daylight remains,

The void shall never cease

To haunt me,

Following me like a shadow.

And when eternal darkness

Engulfs me in its loving embrace,

I will be saved

From this frightening shadow,

My own shadow…


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