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Covering Up: My Response to Yesudas’ ‘Jeans’ Controversy

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Social media is full of comments and debates about K.J.Yesudas’s (unnecessary) statement on women’s attire. As reported in the online edition of The Hindu (4th October, 2014), his statement was- “What should be covered must be covered. Women should not trouble others by wearing jeans.” Since it is in quotes, I assume the statement hasn’t been manipulated. Now, I don’t know in what context he said that, but whatever the context, the comment is unforgivable. But personal attacks on him are as disgusting as his stupid statement. I was shocked to see somebody posting a photo of his daughter-in-law with a not-so-decent caption. He is not the first (sadly, will not be the last) to come up with such ridiculous comments about ‘covering up’. Let’s calm down and instead of letting anger take control of our common sense and ending up criticizing his singing (which many assholes are already doing), let us concentrate on the issue.

For the time being, I have asked the feminist me to keep quiet. It’s the ordinary, practical me talking. Now, they say Jeans is ‘Western’ and that women shouldn’t ‘provoke’ men by wearing Western outfits. Okay! Let’s agree to that. Jeans shows the shape of a woman’s ass and Indian men, being the spineless, horny creatures they are, cannot keep their dicks in their pants and their thoughts within what is known as ‘limit’. Women on the other hand, shouldn’t (and DON’T) get provoked when these men have their ‘asset’ out in public and proudly pee. None of these Saviors of Indian Culture have anything against that. Fine. Let’s agree to everything they say (when in Ass-Guard be an asshole). Okay, let’s ban Jeans. What are the options? We are left with salwar-kameez and saree. But, my dear culture sevaks, the ass is even more prominent in these clothes (by the way, salwar-kameez is not really Indian). In a saree, well, I need not mention how beautifully it exposes only those parts of a woman which gives men a hard-on. I’m sorry! I let the ‘feminist’ talk for a while. The ‘practical’ me should be talking about something else.

Times have changed. We are not cavemen anymore. Women go out to work as much as (sometimes more than) men do. And most of these working women belong to middle-class and cannot always afford a car of their own (the only car at home is usually taken by the ‘husband’). So, they either drive a two wheeler or worse, have to take public transport. With a huge population of horny men around, I don’t think it’s safe for a woman to travel in a public transport exposing her waist. You see, men can’t keep their hands off you! The other option is salwar-kameez. It doesn’t expose a woman’s body as much as a saree does, but one has to keep the dupatta in place all the time to keep the cleavage covered. Now, a pair of Jeans and a t-shirt with collar! Can someone tell me how it is less ‘modest’ than the ‘Indian’ options?

Has anyone thought about something called ‘comfort’? For heaven’s sake, this is not some Hindi soap opera! You can’t expect women to be dressed in designer sarees and tonnes of gold 24X7. The petticoat of the saree and the salwar, are held around the waist with something as thin as a yarn. Some men should seriously try spending a whole a day with a piece of yarn tied tightly around their waist. I bet they can’t take it for more than a couple of hours.

Now, the feminist me is not going to be as calm as the practical me. These horny assholes who say women should ‘cover up’ because that’s what our ‘culture’ teaches us, should go back and do some basic reading. Indian culture and covering up are two phrases which have never gone together. There was a time when women had to pay taxes according to the size of their boobs!

Dear Culture Sevaks, let the women decide whether/when/who/how/ to show their asses (or not). There are bigger problems in the world. There are deadly diseases spreading rapidly, there are millions of people starving to death everyday, there is global warming, pollution, our national animal in the threat of extinction….phew, the list goes on! You are welcome to express your views on any one or all of them. Whether you are a big shot or not, nobody wants to know your expert opinion on boobs, asses and chastity.



  1. ReGomes says:

    Thank you for your thoughts, you are so right.

    It’s revolting how some men justify their lack of self-control by blaming women for how they dress. Yes, I know that most men get sexually aroused easily, but deal with it. Get a cold shower, think of something else to make you less horny, look to the other side. Your erection isn’t sacred that you must have sex every time it happens. Women do not exist in the world to make men horny/ not horny whenever it’s convenient to them.

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  2. Props for not going mental and attacking Yesudas for his comments, when it would probably be far more enjoyable to do that, rather than actually think about the issue raised. Most people need to be calmer when they get upset.

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  3. Manu Kurup says:

    These are some true basic lessons that the so called ‘Protectors of Culture’ should know about. Only if they could read! I’m all against the so-called traditional attire. How much ever beautiful they may look on you, it’s best to go for the comfort t-shirt and jeans can provide on a normal day. On Yesudas, people should lay off him for now and consider his statement (on whatever context it may have been) as an aside of an old man who has problems accepting that he may not the king of his trade anymore.

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