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Desire Eternal

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Uprooting Desire,

Says Budhha, the wise one,

Is the only remedy

to attain salvation…

to defeat mortality.

But how can a being

Live for all eternity

Leaving behind the very purpose?


In our grand ambitions,

In our joyless laughter,

In our uninteresting jobs,

In our loveless relationships,

In our futile attempts

To fit in…

Aren’t we all

Desperately trying

To find that purpose?

That one reason,

To carry on?


Many have attained

The coveted sainthood.

For some it took

Decades of penance

While some, like Mira,

Knew the secret

Of finding that one Desire,

Which would vanquish the rest.


I have found mine.

My Desire and my Salvation.

My Immortality…


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