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The Era of Offenses

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There is chaos everywhere…
Toddlers getting raped,
Women accused of ‘getting’ raped,
A new disease discovered everyday,
In number competing with gods,
Corruption, scams and scandals
And commercials selling
Fairer skin, suppler figure
And insecurities.

While some are happy to watch
robots enjoying a ride
On mysterious comets,
There are others
Who are busy ranting
About kisses being an obscenity.
While some are busy
Trying to cure cancer
And HIV and ignorance,
Some are too busy
Worrying about cleavages,
Sleeveless tops and jeans.

That is not all.
There are the ignorant
Funding education.
The lawless
Protecting culture.
Humans getting offended
On behalf of their gods.
And women
Defending sexists.

Soon, sensibility
Will be one of the offences.
And then the sensible
can freely cease to exist…



  1. Manu Kurup says:

    The poem is nothing other than a fine contemporary critique.The parallels are drawn in a fine yet intriguing way and it captures the attention of the reader, those who understands the pangs of being here and subjected to the crazy surroundings. Amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. musingmaiden says:


    When we conveniently ignore burning issues to make an issue out of trivial things, when we choose to ‘fight’ against freedom, when we deny the presence of anything we’re not comfortable with (child labour, rapes, consesual sex, discrimination, LGBT issues), what do you expect? Recognizing the causes and addressing them? It’s easier imposing restrictions…

    You’ve captured the irony of the situation ever so well…

    Liked by 1 person

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