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Winter Seductions

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beautiful, mysterious, cruel.
The mist tempting me
to bare my skin
to the timid air.
and the painful caress
of the mysterious chill
reminding me
of my loneliness.
A moment of temptation
and hours of pain
for skin and soul.
The winter sucking out
moisture from my skin
and joy from my soul,
making both
fragile, ugly, unwanted…

I have my remedy
for the cruelties
of this seductive season.
Vodka and glycerin,
for the soul and skin,
both like me, colourless.
Both effective,
Vodka, strong, tasteless,
Reserved for nights,
and weekends.
Glycerin, sweet yet inedible,
a byproduct sold cheap,
because anything offered
free is never wanted.

And I?
Another lost soul,
between Love and Ambition…
too scared to live…
too scared to die…



  1. Manu Kurup says:

    I’m getting tired of saying this: ‘Your poems are getting better and better and better…’

    Liked by 1 person

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