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Nail Art Obsession

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Ocean Blue, Neon Green
and Siren Red.
May be a little
matte brown
and glossy black.
May be I’ll make
a flower
with distorted petals.
Or asymmetrical stars,
and broken crescents,
or may be
the letters
in my beloved’s name.
May be a touch of
glitter here and there.
I do it myself,
in the solitude
of my untidy room.
With inexpensive nail colours,
and old paintbrushes
and safety pins.
Because getting it done
at a fancy parlour
is too expensive…
and too girly…

Men stare at my nails,
a little longer
than decency allows,
probably fantasizing,
of what the nails
are capable of.
Their mothers stare too,
and get repulsed.
Mothers don’t want
glittery green nails
digging into their sons.
They prefer pink.


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  1. amoafowaa says:

    Sadly now grace is a ticket to sin. I love the song too, it is an inspirational one.


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