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The Birdie

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Four consequent sleepless nights, a terrible heartbreak, the rage of being cheated, the pain of loss, hopelessness, helplessness….I thought nothing can brighten up my world. And then this tiny bird turned up, adding some colour and laughter to my bleak day. It hopped around and finally found me as it stopped to shiver in the unexpected drizzle. I picked it up and it tried to peck me with its tiny beak. I burst out with laughter and the bird got comfortable. It rested on my palm for sometime before hopping on to the grills and then finally flying away. A tiny bird which wouldn’t even recognize me the next time! But those few moments of keeping it comfortable and safe lighted a tiny spark of hope. May be life doesn’t end here. Heartbreaks happen. Terrible ones. But that can never destroy the beauty life has in store. I just need to get out of the four walls, open my eyes and arms to happiness and beauty that are ready to fly into my arms and stay there for as long as they can, like the green bird. May be, I’m not unwanted after all. Nobody is.



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