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Moving On

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They are things of the past…
colourful candies
to be earned
with a week of obedience,
video games,
a motivation
to finish homework,
fairy tales,
to be remembered
when nightmares and monsters
threatened to keep me awake.

They are things of the past…
fondly remembered decades later,
long after I’ve outgrown
the craving for candies,
fondness for video games
and fear of monsters.
Outgrown enough
to replace the cravings,
likes and fears.

And these
will be things of the past too…
decades from now,
when I would have outgrown
the lust for ambition,
the need for love
and the fear of rejection.

And I would fondly look back
at a woman
who desperately fought
for her ambition,
occasionally giving in
to the pleasure of being loved,
shooing away the fear
of being rejected and lonely
with dreams of a perfect future.

I would have other cravings then,
other fears, to take their place…


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