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A World that is not My Own

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Be it Middle-earth, Hogwarts, Narnia, Westeros, Panem or the nameless ‘land far away’ that the Fairy Tales are set in, the unknown magical world hardly fails to intrigue the readers. I guess it has something to do with our tendency to romanticize the past and be skeptical about the future of the planet.

Stories of wars from ‘a long time ago’ and of the struggles of our kind in a post-apocalyptic world are made even more appealing with film and series adaptations of the books. But then, for how long can one find refuge in these imaginary worlds and escape the realities of the contemporary world?

I surely need a break from these mysterious and enchanting worlds. As much as I like imagining myself waving a magnificent sword with ease in a battle against an army of monsters, the real battles have to be faced once I snap out of my daydream. Bad hair days, PMS, stress at work, writer’s block, the ever growing pile of dirty clothes…the trivial battles of everyday life are numerous.

It doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll completely stop reading (re-reading) the books about faraway lands that have achieved the status of ‘classics’, but it’s high time I keep my reading list wide and unbiased and experiment with a few not-so-popular books that talk about the insignificant details of daily life that I can relate to.


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