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The Dementor’s Kiss

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The vicious Dementor
Tried to kiss me
and feed on
the remnants of my
long lost happiness.
He tripped
on one of the mountains
of my depressing thoughts,
fell into the dark abyss
of my lonely soul…
And starved to death
for a speck of hope.



  1. iamboy says:

    what is this blog for.
    Is it for english litrature..
    At times i saw some email inbox…
    And opens that page..
    but couldnt understand..

    Well from litrature side this is just a useless page with non generaly used words combined with few others..

    First understand litrature dosent states that it should made using uncommonly used words.

    Peoples used such words just because it contain meaning of a big word.
    but always using such words is an overkill .


    • Manu Sudhakar Kurup says:

      iamboy (you are boy?)

      I am a regular visitor to this blog page and this ‘comment’ (using that word for lack of a better one) that you so ceremoniously posted under a beautiful poem deserves a response only if we could see each other in person. But, that is not why I am replying to this. I am replying to tell you that this blog is for English Literature. It is for anyone who loves literature for this page is about poems, ideas, someone’s dreams and thoughts. Although it is pretty understandable from your comment that you understand none of the previously mentioned things, I would like to tell you to read beyond your present understanding of the world… that is, if at all you have mastered the art of reading! But before you begin to take vocabulary (Vocabulary means a language user’s knowledge of words) under consideration, I’d suggest you to pay attention to ‘spelling’ (that means forming words with letters according to the principles underlying accepted usage). Once you have mastered these two, I assume you can safely tread across into the fields of grammar (something that you clearly have no respect for!!!).
      So, please… before posting derogatory comments under beautifully done poems, please use caution because they are generally written by people beyond your level of cranium capacity. Overkill??? Do you even know what that means?

      P.S: E-mail regarding a new post appears on your mail because you subscribed to this page, you moron! Also, it is L-I-T-E-R-A-T-U-R-E not LITRATURE…

      Liked by 1 person

    • The Witch says:

      Dear Boy,
      When you get an email notification, instead of clicking on it and reading my blog (which is way beyond your understanding), look at the bottom of your email. There will be an option to ‘unsubscribe’. Click on that and there you go! You’ll never be bothered by ‘uncommon’ words ever again!
      After unsubscribing, go and buy a dictionary, a good grammar book and a list of ‘sight words’ to practice spelling.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ironboy says:

    So admin is not muted..
    Did you remember .I just posted some coments and you deleted it and kept silent.

    #Why such great poem dosent get nobel prize.
    #Hey masters Do you know whole oxford dict by heart.

    No nothing….no answers…
    muting questions…

    # come to the point
    I just made you angry because i want to know why my previous coments didnt appeared…
    So now i undestood its all deleted by witch..before appearing..
    my coments doest contain bad words.
    but my concept is un acceptable by them

    ### deleting coments are just devils game..so please dont do it unless there is bad words..


    • Manu Sudhakar Kurup says:

      If this is the condition of your comments, it is better to delete them, dear iron boy (whatever the fuck that means!).
      Your comments contain bad words because none of them follow what we call ‘spelling’ or ‘grammar’. Naturally, a good writer would not want such thoughtless creatures like you to comment under her beautiful deliberations. I have a blog and I don’t approve morons like you to comment on them.
      # I don’t know the whole Oxford dictionary but I definitely have a copy at home and have often resorted to it for more than your total living years put together!
      # Morons like you don’t make bloggers like us angry. On the opposite, we were laughing about you over tea!
      # We have decided not to delete any more comments from you. Reading them are great fun and thanks for making us laugh with your totally moronic comments. Do come back…


    • The Witch says:

      # Nobel Prize is not given for individual work. Maybe some 50 years later I will get it. πŸ˜‰
      # Yes, I KNOW the Oxford Dictionary by heart. (Other readers know what I mean πŸ˜€ )
      # WordPress gives the author every right to decide which comments to approve and which not to approve. Besides, I don’t encourage comments which are not opinions. Good that you admitted that you are posting such crap under my poem because I didn’t approve your previous comments.
      # I don’t mind ‘bad words’ but I do take spelling and grammar very seriously.
      #If deleting comments is a devil’s game, please stop deleting the comments people leave on your blog.


  3. ironboy says:

    yeah..you learned ‘always using nongeneral words is bad’

    Again you said ‘things other than openions will deleted’

    So your selfish..
    thats realy your mind.

    I posted a openion on below link.
    Its just a openion.
    but you deleted becasue you need is coments which AgREE YOuR concept..

    Rememeber ..
    Considering Spelling over concept is fools game..

    this type of mistakes only will be in selfish peoples.



    • The Witch says:

      Please post your valuable comment under that post again. I’ll make sure it is approved and appreciated.


    • Manu Sudhakar Kurup says:

      Dear Ironboy (Again, what in Devil’s arse does that mean?? Do you have iron deficiency?)

      What do you mean by ‘non-general’ words?’

      What is ‘Openion’?

      “Considering Spelling over concept is fools game..” What??? Because you don’t know the right spelling for 90% of the words in English language, you are trying to say that your OPINION is what matters???

      How can you assume someone is selfish without knowing that person? Do you even know what SELFISH means?

      Please go and jump from a flyover or something!!


  4. ironboy says:

    Helo english litrature nobel prize winner
    Manu Sudhakar..
    Who throws mother tongue and took foreign lang.

    First understand and learn a basic fundamental thing.

    1.litrature not depend on lang.
    using what ever lang we do is represent our concept.
    2.sanscrit is better for you .

    second its non of your busyness..
    Witch is better than you.

    # Non general means words which not used by comon peoples.
    for further information.
    Lets take 100 articles .
    Which got most rating from peoples.
    And from this find the count of words which used in this poem.
    so you can see percentage is less than 10.its sure.
    Its called style.
    Even englishmen dont know these words.

    but simple words are better.
    Which can be understood by who without dict.

    # selfish.= its-my-fish.my desires-what i need-iam-others are others-i won

    by deleting coment she did selfishness.
    She dosent like the concept so it should not be there.
    Her likes got won.

    Deleting someones openions is bad if its concept related ..
    I had to make you think how bad it is.

    A boy pure boy
    Who anytime laughfing
    who learned by crying.
    who living without hurting.
    Who cry when shouting.


    • Manu Sudhakar Kurup says:

      Dear Ironboy,

      From your little biographic poem I realize that you suffer from some sort of a nervous breakdown at the end of every day by simple being yourself for a long time. I may be wrong, but that is not the point here.
      Please understand that everyone who is proficient in English need not be a Nobel Prize winner. I am simply being someone who can’t sit idle when brain cell deficient people like you are at large in the bog world, defiling the beautiful posts put by people who might win some prize, if not Nobel Prize, some day. You are a crass reality that need to be obliterated at any cost, opposed at every turn and I will continue doing that. You are the best example of a danger this country faces at every growing minute because more and more like you are feeding on the soul of this country like infecting vermin.
      And, for the record, I am proficient in more than two languages and I can write and read my mother tongue better than you know your own mother. Sanskrit is no one’s mother tongue, you king of nincompoops!
      When people like you start interfering in the blog world, where potential intellectuals meet, I make it my business.
      Selfish – Concept – Opinion – these are all words that have a different meaning than the ones you have thought up in your head.

      Go get a life, you pathetic little worm.


    • The Witch says:

      Ironboy, you haven’t replied to my comment. Please repost your comment on the post.


      • ironboy says:

        Wait..i will post it.
        Iam in cool you may be in angry.
        may be you waiting to shout me.
        dont worry i will never shout you back because iam pure as my name.

        Well as manu said its a timepass.


  5. ironboy says:

    hello manu..

    who silently hurts everyone by mouth of english litrature .
    Smell of it pollutes softmindes..even close friends..

    just shutup your litrature mouth ….

    Selfish he made his own selfish world of litrature .
    because he want to be a king..he only have is a grammer book.
    unaware of Realworld concepts.thats why he says ‘ironboy shutup blah blah bla’

    First understand..
    1. What is litrature and what is english.
    2. Why human need litrature
    3. english is not theroraticaly 100%.correct..
    so how you can 101% correct.
    4.considering spelling or gramer or what ever f*ck over concept is foolish donkeys games.

    just write and learn by heart folllowing 100 times..
    English or what ever lang is only used to exchange the concept.
    but foolish like you made a virtual world of lang and living as a king in it and kicking peoples when they try to exchange concept.in another way it can be said.
    bridges using to connect two places..but you only allow to pass rich peoples and throw ‘shit ironboy blah blah bla’ on pooer peoples

    If still you didnt understand what you doing.
    just look at grammer mistakes of mine and say ‘blah bla blaaa ‘

    hope peoples opens their third eye to understand dynamics of this world.


    • The Witch says:

      Dear Ironboy,
      Feel free to criticize me and my blog here. But if you want to criticize other bloggers, you are not allowed to do that on this page. Learn to take criticism if you want to criticize. And if you hate English so much, stop using a bad version of it to post comments. I can read and understand 7 languages. Feel free to use any of those.


    • Manu Sudhakar Kurup says:

      Dear Ironboy.
      For the first time in this conversation, you are kind of correct in many things.
      These are the things you are correct about:-
      a. Manu wants to be a King.
      b. Manu has made a world of his own Literature.
      c. Manu abuses people.
      d. Manu has a grammar book.

      These are the things you were incorrect/wrong about…

      a. English is not theoretically 100% correct.
      (It is a language, you idiot, not some scientific theory!)
      b. Manu unaware of Real world concepts!
      (Manu is very well aware of real-world concepts. But Manu does not understand your concepts of grammar, spelling and ideas. Manu firmly believes you are writing this all from a mental asylum where access to internet is only once in a month.)
      c. English or what ever lang is only used to exchange the concept.
      (Is that what languages are for? Beats everything I know.
      d. you only allow to pass rich peoples and throw β€˜shit ironboy blah blah bla’ on pooer peoples…
      (I do throw shit on pooer peoples… it is fun!)

      To Ironboy,

      Man, shut the hell up and leave blog-space for literate minds!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. ironboy says:

    @witch sorry.you can delete it after we both saw msg.

    I belive you have acess to net and gramerbook.
    If not you will get it .
    becasue you want to be a king ( selfish arrogrant king)..
    you know a part of english than your close friends or others so you belive your a king..thats whre all your problems starts…
    just go back and understand why we sue lang..
    If your mind says ‘ lang is used for other things’
    then go and get a cooldrink of thoughts to cool down arrogant mind.

    Still you dont know why you got angry on me.

    Again i saying…
    Shutup and leave my post.
    And develop your own world of blog..
    thats whre only you can win..

    How such litrature creatures can be here.
    How such peoples can live in realworld..
    Its a miracle..

    Fools who lives by spreading selfish arrogant thoughts over blogs.

    Yeah i got net after weeks.but iam better here because iam not arrogant like you to look at blog from morning to evening for valaumle coments.

    # #
    ‘shut up blah bla’ = over raw realworld concepts

    ‘good go head’ over abstraction of realworld concepts expressed in litrature…

    # just realworld explanation would be.

    ‘hates raw realworld mango .but likes when packed in bottle of litrature ‘


    • Manu Sudhakar Kurup says:


      The question is not about my arrogance. The discussion was about your stupidity and inability to put words together. You are talking about language as a tool to transfer ideas. I get it. But how can you transfer ideas through language if you yourself don’t know how to use language properly? Do you think you are expressing some great idea by disregarding the basics of language like grammar and spelling? You are not! You are not even ‘using’ language, you are ‘abusing’ it. Calling me ‘arrogant’ or ‘king’ won’t change the fact that you are a stupid runt! I am someone who studied literature and it hurts me when low breed assholes like you pretend to know English literature. I will fight fools like you for the sake of not just English literature but any literature. You have no right to talk about anything as long as you remain totally brainless and I don’t think you can grow one if you want. Besides, you have no idea who I am or what my background is so stop commenting about me like you know me. If my comments reveal who I am, your comments are doing the same thing. And, judging by the standards of your comment, you are someone who needs to be eliminated so that future generations won’t be corrupted by pretentious nincompoops like you.


      • The Witch says:

        Manu, I just realized something. This dude’s first comment said something about me using ‘uncommon words’ and then he proceeded to display his stupidity and frustration. Now, when I read and re-read the poem, I can’t find any ‘unusual’ words (except of course, the Harry Potter reference). Do you think there are any ‘difficult’ or ‘uncommon’ words in the poem?

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Manu Sudhakar Kurup says:


    There are no uncommon words in your poem. To Ironboy, there may be some because now that we know his familiarity with a lexicon and how he despises the idea of a cultured and cultivated vocabulary, your poem may have looked a bit filled up with non-familiar words. Don’t ever rate your poem based on responses like Ironboy’s! πŸ˜€ He is a total idiot.


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