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Thanks for the Memories: A Review

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What does the term ‘science-fiction’ bring to your mind? Well, for most people it would be images of aliens, mad scientists and space missions. I was no exception. As a reader, I had no bias against any genre, but I did have a clear line drawn between the genres and when they should be read. Thrillers and mysteries before examinations because they help push up the adrenaline levels. Horror and gothic on stormy nights because… well, who doesn’t like testing their limits? Science fiction and classics when one needs food for thought (basically feel good about being intelligent). And romance when one simply wants to feel good and read for reading’s sake. I would’ve reveled in my ignorance had I not read Cecelia Ahern.

Wait? Cecelia Ahern? The author of P.S I Love You? Everybody loves her. She’s one of the best romantic writers of this era. Right? Well, wrong! Ahern is not essentially a romantic writer. And P.S. I Love You isn’t her only book. She has authored several others which vary greatly in theme and style. Luckily, I got acquainted to Ahern through Where Rainbows End. It was a wonderful novel which kept me glued to the pages till the end. I will save the details of the novel for another day and another review. Now, I am talking about Ahern because my idea of genres and their functions took a U-turn when I started reading Ahern’s Thanks for the Memories.

Did I just call the book- one which is about an ordinary thirty something woman who’s had an abortion and a divorce and an introvert expert of architecture who is still coping with his own divorce and the unfamiliarity of his surroundings- a science-fiction? For those who haven’t read the book (no spoilers) NO, the novel doesn’t have space missions, aliens, experiments, apocalypse or anything of that sort. It is just the story two individuals and how love always finds a way to reach those who deserve it.  Where does science or science-fiction fit in here? Confusing?

Well, the protagonist of the story is a blood transfusion which somehow ends up transferring memories between the donor and the receiver. These new memories make the otherwise passive characters move out of their comfort zones and try and find each other to solve the puzzle. In the process, they get over their own sorrows and hopelessness and rediscover love in the most unexpected way.

I think I am getting over my genre biases (only when it comes to books. Films still have to impress my biased mind and get my approval). I’m sure, I’m going to read and write better without them, because art is never about logic or rationality…it is more about beauty and being that single ray of hope when everything else seems bleak.

P.S. I am really looking forward to reading P.S. I Love You.


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