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No Gifts this Christmas

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“Tomorrow’s Christmas and nobody’s making gifts today!” shouted Santa Claus.  “You’re not doing your work. And I have to go to the houses tonight, don’t you understand?”

“I’m tired of doing this work,” said one of the elves. “Actually, we’re all tired of this work.”

“Every Christmas, we give happiness to those cruel humans who don’t even notice us. We make gifts for them and what do we get in return?” said an elderly elf.

“What do we get in return?!?!” chorused all the elves.

“Okay, your wish this time. You’re my colleagues and I can’t do anything against your wish. So, this time, no gifts for Christmas!!!” said Santa Claus.

“Hurray!!!!!” shouted all the elves.

Santa Claus was very sad because he loved the elves and he also loved the humans and he was forced to make the humans sad this time. So he went to home and sat in his arm-chair and remained very silent and thoughtful. Finally realizing that he had to give up, he was about to go to bed when he heard some noises from the stable. He ran out and saw a group of children trying to calm the crying reindeers.

“What’s happening here?” asked Santa Claus.

“Actually, we came here to help you. Thank god, we’re on time. We were worried that you might have left already” Said one of the kids.

“I don’t quite understand what you mean….. “ Said Santa Claus.

“Every year, you give us gifts, this time we thought we’ll help you with this work. Climbing down the chimneys and placing the gifts under the trees and all.”  Said a little girl from the group.

“Oh, it’s so sweet of you. But I’m sorry to tell you that this year there are no gifts for Christmas!!! My elves got very tired working. So, this time you will be not able to help me”.  Said Santa Claus in a very low and sad tone.

“Oh, why not!” said a boy, “Why, can’t you come with us and let all children see you? That’ll be the best gift they could ever wish for Christmas!”

“Why not?” said Santa, amused by the idea. “ I’ll surely come with you. So, ready for the ride?”

“Hurray!!!!!” cried the children.

And so was that Christmas very special. It was a long time ago. Santa still waits for the company of children and the joyful ride with them.

-Paula Judith

(A story by my eleven year old sister)


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  1. Prince says:

    Nice to read the story.


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