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Identity, Identity Crisis and Discrimination

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The word ‘discrimination’ is being used and overused everywhere. I hear it all around me. I see it in newspapers and social media. I am a silent witness. I don’t express my opinions. But I watch those who do. Most of them express their biased views, which get their fair share of support and approval. Thanks to social media. Then there are some who try to comment on things from an objective point of view. They are immediately being accused of being a pseudo/fascist/biased and when none of these tags seem to intimidate them, the word ‘privileged’ is thrown at them like a bomb. And it made me contemplate on my own issues of identity and identity crisis.

I know who I am. By that, I do not mean my ethnicity, race, religion, caste, gender or any of the various other things which are usually determined at birth. I am a Marxist Feminist Atheist who also happens to be a Grammar Nazi. These tags define me and I am proud of them because these are ideals gathered and preserved through years of rational thinking and questioning. And I am sure my ideals stand up against all the issues that lead to any kind of discrimination in the society. When I say ‘all’, I mean all. Not ‘most’. I’m sure that statement of mine must have enraged millions who think they are reformers of the evil society because they can make some noise in the social media and rant about discrimination. Discrimination happens. Accept that first. The world is not a romantic fairytale movie by Disney in which the evil characters finally realize their mistakes/sins/crimes, apologize to the wronged protagonist and make amends. In the real world out there, people NEVER realize/accept that they are/were wrong. That is how it is always going to be and there is nothing one can do about it. But that doesn’t mean we should let it happen and suffer in silence when it happens to us. We have to/can resist. That is what my ideals have taught me. I stand against the evils that give birth to the disease called ‘discrimination’.

Those who have a problem with my ideals or think that it is lacking. Let me make it very clear. Class disparity, gender issues and superstitions are the primary evils in the world. If these can be stood up against, I’m sure the world will be a better place socially.

I’m sure some will read half of this post and throw the following questions at me (of course, the answers are ready):

Q. Are you saying racism isn’t an evil? If it is, how does your three term ideal/principle going to help eradicate it?

A. Racism is an evil and dumb practice. It exists because of a greater evil, Superstition.

Q. How is racism related to superstition?

A. Well, superstition is defined as ‘an irrational belief in the supernatural and practices based on this belief’. Racism is based on the irrational notion that one race of humans have been made superior by God than the others. Eradicating racism would mean uprooting and destroying that belief and notion of superiority. Does that answer your question?

Q. What about the caste issue?

A. Are you telling me that the caste issue has nothing to do with religion which explicitly mentions that some people are beneath others and that some shouldn’t even be touched? And by the way, do you really think the caste based discrimination would have continued had the so-called upper-caste tyrants not been the wealthy ones exploiting the poor and confirming them to their profession in the name of caste? Well, I surely don’t think so.

Q. But how is feminism going to help? Hating men is not the solution to the problems women face?

A. Firstly, read up and find out what feminism actually means and you’ll know that feminism does not promote the idea of hating men. Secondly, show me one instance of discrimination on the planet which has nothing to do with a person’s economic status, sexuality and menstruation or some irrational illogical arbitrary belief in a superior being and then you have every right to call my identity flawed.

Q. And how does being a Grammar Nazi help the world?

A. (with a wicked grin) I never said it would. It is just a personal choice. Like some choose to be total jerks or drama queens. 🙂


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  1. Manu Sudhakar Kurup says:

    Beautiful. 😀
    I can imagine that evil grin at the end of the post and I will be glad to share that grin over a few posts like this. You are of course ‘privileged’ because you have the ability to stand in the cloud made of rational, logical thinking and look down upon those people meddling with imaginary stuff with no intention whatsoever of finding a solution to it.

    Liked by 1 person

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