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Haunted Me

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You laugh at me when I tell you
about the ghost in the room.
You try to convince me
that it’s all in my head.
I know that, my love
and don’t need convincing.
But the discomfort of a haunting
doesn’t really care
about the ghost’s abode.

You tell me
the ghost won’t hurt me.
But it is no consolation
because I know.
The ghost can’t hurt anyone.
You and I can.
You tell me to ignore it.
It doesn’t work.

Next time
try finding the ghost.
If not in the room
you can find it in my eyes.
Don’t bother to find the why
just help me drive it away.
Or make me comfortable
with the unearthly presence.

Understand my ghosts
and be a counselor to us.
Love us, the same.


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