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The Final Destination: Some Reflections

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I guess many people get a little high on being spooked out by a really good paranormal/horror/supernatural movie/book. I am no different. In fact, I’m somewhat obsessed. I would read/watch anything that comes with the tag ‘horror’ and/or ‘paranormal’, without bothering to check the rating in IMDB or Goodreads. My craze for the ghostly world began long before internet and social media became the common man’s commodity and without them, nobody really knew/cared about the rating. But, The Final Destination somehow, never featured in my list of ‘must watch’ horror movies. To be honest, the title gave me the idea that it must be one of those man-saving-the-world-movies with a lot of gun shots and car crashes. Thanks to the paranormally smart fellow blogger, who mentioned it somewhere in his spooky blog, I realized that it may not be purely an action movie after all.

So, two days ago I sat and binge watched the franchise and I must admit it is creepier than most horror films I have seen. I guess, it is mainly because there is no concrete entity that haunts the characters, but events that they have no control over. It is fear which haunts and taunts them all along. The deaths are pretty gruesome and vividly shot. Which really gave me the creeps.

But, despite the scary scenes and really gross and bloody ends of the otherwise good looking characters, I had my funny moments too. And in those moments I came to the following conclusions:

  1. Don’t be obsessed with your beauty or you’ll end up dead in a beauty parlour or a gym.
  2. Don’t steal somebody else’s spa coupon.
  3. Don’t travel in a plane, bus, car or anything that moves. Try walking and avoid crossing roads.
  4. Don’t cook at home, the gas cylinder can kill you.
  5. Don’t work at/go to dangerous places like car wash and factories.
  6. Remember to turn off all the lights and fans never keep water near wires.
  7. Check the fan for loose screws everyday.
  8. Sleep under the bed…you know, in case the building collapses…
  9. If you wake up and think you should go back to sleep and forget about work, you shouldn’t give it second thoughts because it could very well be a premonition. 😉

P.S. I really hate myself for judging the movie by the title. The men in the movies were not even remotely interested in saving the world because they were too busy trying to save their own asses.


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  1. elissalynch says:

    I like your review style, The Witch. Very authentic :). Would love to feature your reviews in our weekly curated email digest that goes out to thousands of people.


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