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Letting Go…

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It takes a great deal of strength
to let go of things
that pin you down
to arbitrary roles
and the necessity to survive.
Fear and cowardice…the glues
that handpick painful memories
from the ragged sack
of the romanticized past
and stick them together,
making you forget the good ones,
making you cry,
making you ashamed of crying…

Courage and forgiveness
are different stories altogether.
They make you move on
from the chains of the past,
away from the shadows
of good and bad memories.

I wait.
To forgive without forgetting.
To let go
of bitterness and self-pity,
of the fear of rejection,
of the fear of being noticed,
accused and laughed at.
I wait to let go
of things that make me a slave.
The need to be chosen,
the hope of being chosen,
the need to be alone,
the hope of not being alone,
nightmares, ghosts and voices…
and the rusted parapet railings…


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