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The Day I Met You

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The black clouds
had suddenly changed their mind
and held back the rain
making it humid and hot.
The electricity
was still making up its mind
and I had to suffer
the fluctuating voltage.
My comb and my kohl
decided to play hide-and-seek
and I decided to forget them.
And then I noticed,
through wildly flying hair
and the dusty air
that the wheel of my bicycle
was as deflated as my enthusiasm.

And then I had a glimpse
of your serious face.
And through sneezes
and a thousand worries
a smile crept up my shabby face.
You seemed
to be the only right thing
on a day everything went wrong.

But when you remember
the day we met,
you think of lively talks
and misty kisses…
moonlight coloured,
apple-wine flavoured.

I might never tell you
how wrong life was
and how it all changed
the day I met you.


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