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Tyndall Effect

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Light scattered
by immiscible particles
of fear and desperation
floating between
the glittery specks
of ambition and hope
occasionally colliding
with their jagged ends
stealing a little glitter,
losing a little greyness…
trying to mingle
with the vast emptiness.
The emptiness striving
to suck them all in,
into the black hole
of forgotten things.

And then there is happiness;
made of memories
of the past and future,
memories of a lie,
Smiles of a loved one,
tears of an enemy…
Silently seeping
through the emptiness,
through the glittery grey bits.
The glittery greyness scatters
the radiant light
and send it out
for the world to see.

Some think it is the light
at the end of the tunnel.
But there are no tunnels.
Only emptiness
and scattered happiness….


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