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The Memory Collector

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Looking awestruck,
at baby rabbits in a cage,
Holding Dad’s little finger
and feeling safe…
Mixing the sweet batter
for the Christmas fruit cake,
licking a spoonful or two
when Mom looked away…
Pleasant memories,
to be played and replayed.

Winning a competition,
baking the perfect cake,
an appreciation from the boss,
a hug from a child.
Being loved
by the perfect man,
Earning degrees
with a first class…
Happy memories,
to be locked away.

Unaffordable things,
desired but never owned.
The unfairly short lifespan
of loyally loving pets.
Broken coffee mugs
and dreams…
Rejections, humiliations
and being hated.
Bad memories,
to keep me earthbound…





  1. laaquila202 says:

    Beautifully written.. I could imagine a little girl growing up to become a lady !

    Liked by 1 person

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