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Communists: Myths and Facts

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Communist! That must bring a lot of things to people’s minds. Maosist. Terrorist. Sickular. Pesudo. Hypocrite… I have been called all that and more. But the funny part is that at the end of it, it is the ‘abuser’ who gets offended. Not me. I thought people who hated Communism and Communists were supporters of capitalism an dictatorship. Sadly, it is not so. The haters are actually ignorant people who haven’t even heard about The Communist Manisfesto and the concept of coexistence, as explained by Marx. And they think the term ‘labourer’ or ‘worker’ only applies to a certain class- daily wage labourers. They find it hard to accept the fact that a man with a million dollar job in an MNC is also a labourer. So, I felt compelled to mention some of the myths associated with Communism and bust them.

  1. Myth: Communism believes in taking away money and resources from the rich and distributing them among the poor.
    Fact: Actually, that’s the story of Robin Hood. Communism promotes a ‘fair’ distribution of wealth based on the worker’s skills and the amount of work he/she has done.
  2. Myth: Communism doesn’t have provision for religion.
    Fact: Communism is an ideology. Not a faith. One is free to be a Communist and believe in equality and at the same time believe in the grand old gentleman. Sounds absurd…but it is possible.
  3. Myth: Communism is patriarchal.
    Fact: In the early stages, Communism didn’t really talk about gender inequality because the society then was a patriarchal one where women’s services in and outside the house were taken for granted as ‘duties’. But times have changed and the ideology (unlike Religion) has evolved. Ever heard of the term ‘Marxist-Feminism’? Please google it!
  4. Myth: A Communist should not be using an iPhone or travel in luxury cars because they are ‘capitalist’ products.
    Fact: Well…there is no such thing as a ‘capitalist’ product. Any product is a result of labour. And when I say labour, I don’t mean just the guys sweating away in factories. I’m also talking about the software engineer who developed the android in my phone, the content writer who wrote about the phone’s features in a language humans can understand and the Amazon guy who delivered it at my doorstep. A communist can enjoy luxury cars, expensive food and everything any other person would because they have earned that money with labour and they have every right to spend it the way they want.
  5. Myth: Communism has failed. Capitalism hasn’t.
    Fact: The misunderstood idea of Communism which was never there to start with has definitely failed. The skyscrapers and the development of technology isn’t the victory of Capitalism. It is the result of the hard work of workers who are more than happy to work for their boss because they are paid well and not exploited. There! Communism is being practiced. The sad part is that the ‘good boss’ doesn’t know it most of the time.

Of course, I’m not trying to ‘convince’ anyone. That is the job of preachers and other religious people who think they can reserve a place for themselves in heaven if they can ‘convert’ people to the ‘true faith’. But then, I’ll have my life each time a communist-hater has a hearty meal, has a peaceful sleep, doesn’t worry about clogged drainage, deposits his/her hard earned money in a bank, drives his/her car on a smooth road, looks at his/her newly built house proudly… The communist-hater gets to enjoy these because somebody is out there labouring for him/her and the labourers wouldn’t be doing it if there were no labour laws protecting them. And there would never have been labour laws if there was no Communism.



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