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#BoycottAmazon: Rants of a Tolerant Indian

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I came across an article that started off with ‘Boycott Amazon’. I was intrigued because, naturally, I thought it was Amazon.in and I haven’t been very happy with their services anyway. A year ago, I had placed an order for a music player and made an online payment because it was supposed to be a gift. It never got delivered. I had to make umpteen number of calls to the customer care to get my money back. From that day I only place an order if it has a COD option. Each time their delivery boys are unable to deliver the product, I get an SMS that says , ‘Product could not be delivered due to unavailability of the customer’. So, I expected the article to throw some light on their fucked up delivery system and return policies. But, I had my WTF moment when I saw that it was Amazon.com.But still, it’s Amazon… May be they are kind of screwed up all over the world… And then I had a bigger WTF moment. The problem wasn’t about their fuckedupness with the customers.It was about ‘religious sentiments’.

Amazon is stupid enough to sell doormats with deity motifs. Contrary to the ‘news’ spreading on Twitter, it is not just ‘Hindu’ gods and goddesses. They also have doormats with Jesus Christ (that blond, blue-eyes white dude from the Middle-east that is being worshiped since the advent of Christianity). But I haven’t come across anybody talking about that. Not that I care. I agree it is a wrong thing to do. Religious sentiments are easily hurt, especially in India. And we claim to be tolerant. Of course, we are! If the word ‘intolerance’ is mentioned, there will be hell to pay. One Tweet openly stated ” I don’t care about Jesus or Allah, but we won’t let you insult the Hindu gods.” And several other Tweets went on to talk about how everybody insults Hindus and Hindusism because they are the most tolerant race. Seriously? I don’t see how different they are from the Puritan Christians and other ‘tolerant’ religions.

Now, don’t get me wrong. My problem isn’t because people are only infuriated about the Hindu gods on the doormats. I don’t give a damn about any of the gods/goddesses because if they exist they can very well ‘punish’ Amazon for insulting them rather than letting their minions do all the talking. My problem is that this whole fuss is making the people not do anything about the real problems.

Amazon has been a bit on the problematic side for several reasons. They are known for their anti-competitive practices which include one-click patent, direct selling and removal of the competitors goods from the site. They have been compiling information from Wikipedia and selling them off for very high prices, they sold a Pedophile Guide and they are known to harass the workers… The list is too long to mention in one blog post. And finally, Indians raise a voice against this atrocious establishment. But for what? For hurting religious sentiments. I seriously can’t understand how cheating people, encouraging pedophilia and harassing the working force can be considered less evil than having gods and goddesses on doormats.

P.S. Those who are tagging our respectable PM ans asking him to do something about the sales happening in US can rest assured. Ache Din are round the corner.


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  1. Jayanth Sinha says:

    Well said!


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