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How I Succeeded in Heartbreak

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Disclaimer: If anyone feels this is a parody of Victoria Morgan’s poem… well it is not. It is, in fact, a tribute.

  1. Got a haircut: Cliched as it might sound. A haircut really helps in the initial days of heartbreak. I began to feel bad about the lost hair more than anything else two days after the decision.
  2. Ate the Junk Food I so detested earlier: That included lots of French Fries, Cakes, Brownies and Biriyani. My mother once told me that there is no heartbreak that can’t be cured by yummy food. She was right. A few weeks of ‘yummy’ food and I had forgotten all about the ‘broken’ heart. I was worried about the increasing waistline.
  3. Wrote Poems: Initially they were all sad poems which reflected how pathetic I was. But then, they started getting better and I began to feel good about the rhythm and the beauty that I had created.
  4. Tried some DIY Makeover: It began with funky lip colours like neon pink and siren red and smokey eye which looked more like a black eye or the side-effect of sleeplessness. But it felt good, nonetheless.
  5. Developed a new Hobby: I began Smartphone photography as an experiment and soon I began to see everything around me through the eyes of a camera. I have captured some really beautiful things and have also realized that there are moments which can only be captured by the eye and preserved in memory.
  6. Binge Watched TV Series: There was no fixed genre. American Horror Story, Grimm, Witches of East End, Wayward Pines, Agents of SHIELD, Game of Thrones…they transported me to different worlds where there were problems much bigger and greater than what I was going through.
  7. Read Sophie Kinsella: Becky, Lara, Lottie, Lexi, Poppy, Samantha, Emma and Audrey made me laugh and move on just like they did, through debts, broken engagements, amnesia, ghosts and anxiety disorders.
  8. Got Addicted to Dystopian Fiction: Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner…they reminded me that one need not be pretty or loved to be a hero and make a difference in the world. For a few weeks I was busy listing out my plans to save the world which might come in handy someday…
  9. Read Me Before You by Jojo Moyes: It made me cry till I couldn’t cry anymore. For the first time in years, I was crying for something/someone other than myself. For once, I wasn’t miserably drowning in self-pity. The book helped me mourn, not just the sad story of Lou and Will, but the many days I had whined away. It gave me the catharsis I needed.
  10. Forgave Myself: I could love and forgive myself finally because I wasn’t the same person anymore. Surely not the person who let a rejection hurt and depress her.

P.S. Find your catharsis to finally let go of the thing which is hurting you. For me it was a book. For you it could be a job or a journey. Find it, let it wash you and purge you. And once the catharsis is complete, work on getting rid of the extra fat. 🙂


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