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Teacher Tales #1

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[Creative writing session]
Me: Now, use this text as reference and write your own ad for an imaginary island. You’ll have to plan your ad. First decide what you’re going to name your island and what its specialties are.
[Five minutes of loud murmurs and brainstorming for names]
Studious Kid: Ma’am, what would be the size of one twelfth of India?
Me: Approximately the size of two states, I guess…
Studious Kid: So, how many square kilometres would that be?
Me (smiling sarcastically): My dear, have you ever wondered why I’m an English teacher and not a Math teacher?
Studious Kid: Because you’re really really reeeeeally good at English?
Me: No…it’s because I’m really really reeeeeally bad at Math.
[A brief spell of silence]
Studious Kid: But, this has nothing to do with Math. It’s more of general knowledge…
The Usually Silent Kid: If it is general knowledge how come you don’t know the answer?
[I try not to laugh but end up doing exactly that]




  1. Manu Sudhakar Kurup says:

    So Dean Winchester has become your official emoticon?

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