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The Divider

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I recently asked a colleague,
What that extra compass-like thing
exists for.
You see, when the purpose is unknown,
the name doesn’t really matter.
She told me that the name said it all.
The Divider, helps divide.
By measuring small distances
leaving tiny scars on immaculate papers.
For me it has been a multipurpose device.
When I was eleven,
I used it to pierce papers after an exam.
When I was fifteen,
I used it to engrave my name on a tree.
When I was seventeen,
I carried it with me while commuting
to and from college.
To hurt groping hands.

I don’t carry it anymore.
I just avoid public transport.
You see, I live in a world where
I need to be more concerned about safety…
more than I ever can be about geometry.



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