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Everything shared in this blog is a segment of wisdom collected by forming opinions on the world for almost a quarter of a century. Feel free to judge my poems on the lack of rhyme and rhythm and the choice of words. I enjoy a healthy debate on form and content of literature. Some posts are personal experiences which are there just because I can write tolerably well and I have a good internet connection. They may or may not be enlightening enough to make the world a better place. So, if anybody wants to talk about the irrelevance of my personal posts to the miserable world out there, be prepared to hear a lengthy piece on ‘art for art’s sake’. Some of my posts are aimed at misogynists/homophobics/sexists/religious fanatics/racists/bigots/brainless species of all kinds. I do not intend to ‘reform’ them. It would be an impossible task. However, I find pleasure in annoying them and knowing that they are irritated enough to stop whatever they are doing and put all their efforts in attacking me back with words. So, if you happen to fit in the mentioned list, feel free to get offended and rant endlessly about how wrong and misguided I am. But before calling me a pseudo and/or privileged hypocrite, make sure you thoroughly read Marx and all the religious texts that exist/ever existed on planet earth. And before you educate me on the flaws of feminism, make sure you understand the term, the three waves of feminism and read all the literary and popular work on it, without which your arguments will be invalid.

P.S. I hate and detest all religions equally, not just yours. So, if I happen to make fun of your version of the ‘God’ in my posts, don’t take it personally.


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